"For the Director of Music" was launched without any fanfare or press.  It was initially created in order to make available a divine service setting for guitar and piano.  It was recently revamped because the original hosting service became unavailable.  How much traffic it receives or sales it makes is not an issue.  It's just a place to post some worship music. 

I have served as a parish pastor in Lutheran churches of the Wisconsin Synod for 24 years.  It was a blessing to be able to serve as a pastor in Flagstaff, AZ and in Lawrenceville, GA.  A recent move to WI was necessary after I accepted the position of project director for the next WELS hymnal, a project that is slated to take approximately 10 years.  Catch up on that project here and be sure to register on the site.

This may have all begun when as a child I regularly heard my dad's strong singing voice lead the singing of hymns in our wonderful little church in Michigan.  Or it may have begun when my wife (girlfriend at the time) gave me a guitar for my birthday as a senior in high school back in 1981.  Or it may have begun when I took the only music lessons I've ever hadthree years of piano lessons with Mrs. Zabell at Northwestern College.  Or it may have begun when Dr. Aufdemberge asked me to rewrite one of the hymns from The Lutheran Hymnal and that rewrite was accepted into Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal.  Or it may have begun in earnest when from 2003 to 2008 I served as the chairman of the Hymns Committee for Christian Worship: Supplement. 

But now I'm blessed to be able to work full time on the public worship and the worship music of the church, and it would be neat if there were an item or two on this site that could be of service to you in some way.

Michael Schultz





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